• Much of the energy we use comes from burning fuels (also known as combustion). A burning bonfire

  • Examples of fuels include: Wood and coal (solid fuels), petrol & diesel (liquid fuels), hydrogen and natural gas (gaseous fuels)

  • The fire triangle shows the 3 things needed for combustion to happen: fuel, heat and oxygen. The fire triangle

  • Burning fuel releases heat — so if more fuel and oxygen is available, the burning will keep on going. A burnt-down house Once combustion starts, it can be hard to stop.

  • More heat is released than is needed for more combustion. This extra 'left over' heat is the thermal energy we use!

  • Energy from combustion has many uses, such as transportation, heating buildings, and generating electricity. A car driving on a road Most cars contain an internal combustion engine.

  • During combustion, chemical energy is converted into thermal energy. A fire, converting chemical energy to thermal energy



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